i'm a big ass guy


So a certain topic came up in conversation today with a friend of mine. Body parts of the opposite sex!

Now we've all been asked this question before, what's your favorite body part? (Leaving the super obvious ones aside, of course). But is it really as simple as having one favorite "part" that's the same for every person? Or does it change depending on the person? Maybe you change your mind over time: last year you liked shoulders, this year it's calves.

Some responses from women:

"Its a tie between a nice back or a nice smile both turn me on lol. My drought is not a laughin matter Ms. Mcguire"


From men:

"This sounds weird, but my favorite part is a girls hair. Its the first thing i look at. If a girl has bad hair it just kills it for me. I want a girl who cares about her appearance...then i look at boobs"

"My favorite thing on a girl is her ass...that's usually the first thing I look at."

"I'm a big ass guy....and face obviously, eyes and teeth are important to me. But actual body part....ass"

RANDOM! But a lot of people say "it depends on the person." I can't say I like one specific thing. It's a combination of a lot of things, a package. However, if I was forced to choose-- I'm a sucker for a nice chest and pecs. But that only gets you so far. It's like when you're eating a bowl of lucky charms-- everyone knows the marshmallows are the best part, but you need the milk and the random little crunchy shapes (what are those called?).

But then I've found really attractive qualities in men who didn't have great pecs (or even had the worst pecs ever, or just none at all...not man boobs though I can't handle that).

But pecs can be too big. Have you ever seen a guy with pecs that look like they're trying desparately to escape from his tight shirt, and could pass for D cups. Yeah don't like those.

And guys need to stop shaving their chests (and arms and stomach). I mean if it's wooly mammoth then groom. But c'mon, you are a man! Hairy chest=masculine! It's a good thing.

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