No wonder this place is always so dead.


So I just walked into Miga, a Korean BBQ restaurant that usually appears sad and desperate from the outside. Since the city is in a frenzy with both the flyers and phillies playing on this gorgeous saturday afternoon, and since there seems to be a line of drunks hanging out of the entrance to Good Dog (where I'd normally pop in for a pre-work "snack") I decided to give Miga a try.

Ignoring my urge to check the yelp reviews and the fact that the beer selection was pathetic (which I can let slide since there is no shortage of great beer in the area, perhaps they can make up for it in the food department...) I walked in with tremendously low expectations, daring them to prove me wrong.

Which is great for them! Except they didn't.

Strike 1- When I tried to sit at the bar I was told that there was no bartender on duty and I was directed to a table. I find that when dining alone one feels less lonely at the bar than they do at a table. Not to mention the bar looked very inviting with a flat screen TV turned on back there.

Strike 2- When I tried to order one if their salads I was told that they didn't have it, along with quite a few other menu items! I was holding a new menu that had not yet gone live. Well why do I have this nonexistent menu?

Strike 3- Avocado was not fresh. Gears ground. Nuff said.

In the spirit of baseball season I'll refrain from calling a strike 4, because that's just silly.

However I will say that I get no cell phone service in here (at all, not even texting) so I can't post this entry, I'll have to wait. That's an error. No wonder this place is always so dead.

Off to work ;)

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  1. That place always seemed really sketchy to me. Nothing that's in that building ever seems to do well. I've seen about 4 or 5 different coffee shops right next door to it.

  2. It was confusing in there. I didn't know what was going on. The food was mediocre at best! The server was nice, it wasn't his fault that the place was an epic fail.

  3. OOOO that's disappointing. It was one of those places that I never went to nor will I ever, but I kind of wanted it to be good just for the neighborhood's sake. Oh well...

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