zelda game release TBA 2010


Yes Zelda fans, I hope you're saving your rupees. This time next year we may be in store for the next Zelda game! If you're like me and you loved Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (especially on the Wii), then Shigeru Miyamoto has come to your rescue. According to IGN.com, at this years E3, Miyamoto said,

"To be honest, at this E3 I wanted to announce a new Zelda for Wii. But we've already shown you a Zelda on Wii. We'd rather work on it. But I didn't want to come empty-handed, so I did bring an illustration for the next game.":

He promised to debut the game at next years E3...release date TBA in 2010. And it will be a Wii MotionPlus game, for a true sword fighting experience. How exciting! For more info check out ign's articles.

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