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Today I served a table that pissed me off very much. The particular thing that frosted my cookies actually happens a lot: the man spoke for the woman at the table. I'm not just talking about placing her order, but he did ALL of the talking for her, including asking me for a refill for her.

And I hate the way they say it too, "I'll take a refill, and she'll have one too," What the hell is that? She'll have one too? You not only ordered for her but you also just made a decision for her, what's going on here? "I'll have the chicken, and she would like a burger cooked medium well with no onions," UGH! Did she whisper the order in your ear while I wasn't looking with all of her special instructions and everything?

Does your date have a speech disorder or is she severely mentally retarded? Because I'm pretty sure those are the only two reasons why you should be speaking for her.

And I know damn well she can talk because when I walked away the two of you carried on with your conversation. If she can talk to you then she can talk to me, now let the damn girl speak for herself.

Don't take this the wrong way! While I do agree with equality of the sexes and all that jazz, I also still believe in a little bit of old fashioned chivalry. Sure, open the door for me, hold my umbrella, make sure I get home safely, let me borrow your jacket if I'm cold etc. I'm still a lady and should be treated as such. But don't treat me like an invalid or a 6-year-old child. I have a brain, I have a voice and I'm perfectly capable of using both simultaneously!

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  1. maybe she can't speak English???

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