Public Server Announcement: Addendum


Here are some additions to my PSA. They just keep coming to me.

  • Annoyingly vague requests. Let me give you an example.

"I'd like my buger cooked medium to medium well, but more on the medium side."

What the f*&$ does that mean? These are your options, lady: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well and well. These are also my options for buttons in the computer. There is no button that says "In between medium and medium well," and for a reason! Because it doesn't make any sense! And I am certainly not going to walk into the kitchen and even waste my breath with the cooks on this one. Once the burger reaches what we would call "medium" if you keep cooking it-it will be medium well. You have so many temperatures to choose from and yet you're stuck in between two? The restaurant Gods have done it again.
  • Manners!
I can't believe I left this one out because it's so obvious and simple. I absolutely hate it when people don't say thank you. When I put a drink or plate in front of someone and there is nothing but silence, I feel sad that someone actually gave birth to this asshole and is letting them roam the Earth, mannerless. I'm not asking for people to be obnoxiously polite at all. And if they're eating and drinking a lot they don't have to keep saying it all night, once or twice is enough. But completely not using the phrase is unacceptable.

  • "When you get a chance."

Now here's something new! There are some things I like about customers, believe it or not. One thing I do like (and not everyone will agree with this) is when someone asks me for something, and follows it up with "when you get a chance." Por ejemplo:

"Can you please bring me some extra mayo, when you get a chance?"

Not only have they politely asked me for something, but they have been considerate enough to tell me that I can do it when I have time. They have considered the fact that I may have other things that I need to do because they are not the only customer in the building. When someone uses this phrase, no matter what the request is or what I'm doing at the time I will do it immediately.

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