I feel old today. Not like I'm achy and my hair is falling out or anything, just old. My little brother is thinking about colleges, but I'm remembering the day he was born. He was the cutest baby you've ever seen. He was FAT, with big blue eyes and fuzzy blonde hair that fluffed out when he woke up from a nap. In just over a year he will be ready to move into some freshman dorm somewhere. UGH!

And I'm...in my mid-twenties? Or am I still in my early twenties? This always confuses me. What are the brackets for early, mid, and late? When you're 20, you are none of the above--you're just 20, right? 21-24...early twenties perhaps? But what about mid? Mid twenties 24-26? I'm 24, and I think early twenties sounds just right. I won't move up to the mid category until I'm 25, then maybe I'll stretch the mid until I'm 26, haha. But once you hit 27-29 there is no escaping the fact that you are late twenties! Oh no! Why does the word late carry such negative connotations for me...like "elderly," "senior citizen," and "no spring chicken"?

I think I like it better if we're just in our "twenties" from 21-29. Or even if we're just considered a "twenty-something." That sounds nice and youthful. No need for these prefixes now. But they will be necessary when I'm in my thirties, (eek!) because I'll be stretching that "early-thirties" shit for a while.

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