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texts. from. my. friends.

A: "the old women got their way...and i'm still making a dent in the sangria"

E: "God my dog just post meal purged this is great ughhh"

M: "The prince is back."

S: "R u in ac if not i just saw your twin"

J: "Ha I have a ? -- do you only have two pairs of panties"

C: "Well you're a bitch...wanna hang out tomorrow"

T: "It's a good thing I wasn't playing strip bowling with him"

T: "$1800 in 20 minutes"

C: "Fucking snoring suzies over here"

K: "I'm such a sucker. I just bought "western" silly bands!"

M: "Yup he wouldn't have liked your behavior last night"

N: "Let me know if you're gonna make it tomorrow because another girl really wants to take me out for a chocolate flavored porter"

H: "Don't eat the hickory smoked tuna!"

N: "Whenever...helen. I am so wasted right now"

W: "The asians outside are bombed. Throwing shit at each other and breaking glass in the street."

J: "Haha I'm down for whatever. We're totally gonna need spirit names."

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  1. Haha. What an interesting bunch. I'm having a great time imagining what they could all be in reference too.

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