“Oh, you hate your job?

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But what about when your job is at the bar?!

I hate the guys that come into the bar where I work wearing a football jersey and sneakers that have the same color scheme.

I hate when the bar is quiet and there's a guy yelling at the TV as he watches some sports team from out of town that no one cares about.

I hate the guys who won't drink their beers out of a smaller beer glass because they think it's "gay". The beer is either higher in alcohol or it's a really expensive beer - it's not gay you're just an asshole.

I hate when a guy writes down his name and number and leaves it on the table, but never ever during his entire visit even eludes to the fact that he's interested in me. Really buddy?

I hate when it's been 7 and a half minutes and you're already asking me where your appetizers are. It's cooking not magic that we perform here. Are you going to sit down and enjoy your meal or would you like me to puree it in a blender real quick so you can chug it through a bong and sprint out the door?

I hate when people order drinks with no ice.

I hate the guy who orders a bunch of appetizers for everyone at the table. I don't know why I just hate him too, who does he think he is?

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  1. No ice eh? I normally order light ice, but mostly because I would rather spend more time with something to drink than any time trying to flag someone down to get a refill.

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