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In the last month, things have been pretty consistent in my life. I’ve been going to class, working and have been severely disappointed in the available men that are in my age bracket. So yeah – things are the same.

I went out for a drink with a guy that I met about a week ago. First let’s discuss how we even made it to that point.

He seemed like an intelligent, good-looking and nice fellow. We exchanged numbers (these stories always start out so normal). Fine. Then about a week goes by. We exchange a series of texts, trying to find out each other’s schedule to see when we can arrange a time/day to go out. But don’t get your hopes up! At the end of my night shift one Monday or Tuesday, the following conversation takes place. Note the time of the text message, and keep in mind we haven’t gone out together yet:

I think everyone would agree that my response should have been something along the lines of: “SLOW YOUR ROLE!”

At this point I pretty much wrote him off completely. No decent, mature man invites a girl over to his apartment that he hardly knows (and for whom he hasn’t even bought a drink!) at 1:28. And to “chill”?! First of all I told you I was tired and kindly asked what you were up to tomorrow. Yet you still reiterate the fact that you’ll “be up for a while.” What does that mean exactly? I mean are you trying to attract women or prostitutes?

So since this angered me greatly, I said something cruel like ‘ I don’t know what kind of girl you think I am but I don’t answer to booty calls’.

I get a phone call from him the next day - I don’t answer – then a text message,


So you only invite strange girls over at 1:30 in the morning via text message while you’re wasted? Well why didn’t you say so! Now you’re in the running to be my future husband.

Then he comes into my bar one night while I’m working after about a week... and I had cooled off at this point. I decided it was okay to say hello to him and see what he had to say. I received what seemed to be a very sweet & sincere apology (which was deserved—just saying!). He explained that he had been out with his friends taking shots that night, and that he didn’t mean to come off like such a jerk. Also he was embarrassed for inviting me over at such an hour and sending me those texts, etc.

To make a long story short, since I’m such a nice person (and a sucker) we agreed on a day to go out for a drink. We met up and I realized that he wasn’t a very chipper person. He complained about pop music, how much he hated Usher, how much he hated hipsters and pretentious people. Not only did he not seem like a fun, easygoing person, but he also didn’t seem like he was even trying to seem like a fun person – like he didn’t care.

He was very pessimistic and he could give two shits whether I liked it or not. Which is fine! If that’s who you are then that’s who you are. It was just not very appealing to me, and I don’t know how many girls one can snag with an attitude like that. I’m sure chicks aren’t breaking down his door.

I mean can you at least fake a positive outlook on life if it’s your first time out with a girl?

When I meet someone I like to stay positive and fun, to make a good impression…while still being myself.

Alright I’ve had enough complaining for one day.


  1. Preachin' to the choir sista.

  2. At least you saw the problem before it became a problem right? On a side note...I'm wasted

    ...ok that isn't true.

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