a valentine's day poem for the single and petulant


They've already started it. Heart shaped pillows, boxed chocolates, commercials, an entire isle in CVS that is red red red! Oh the agony. It's lovely when you have someone to celebrate with. But when you don't...well...you feel sort of left out. And it seems like everyone around you is all lovey dovey smootchie wootchie.

Well I'm not smootchie wootchie this year. Instead, Valentine's day will probably come and go just like every other ordinary day in my life. Except someone at work might randomly give me a box of those candy message hearts.

And while we're on the topic: they aren't even delish, they hurt my teeth, they look and taste like chalk and quite frankly I hate them.

But alas, Valentine's Day is not a day for hate! It's a day for love of course. And what good is all this whining anyway? Let's just celebrate love, in general. After all, it is all you need (at least that's what the Beatles told me).

So I wrote a corny poem for the unattached and disgruntled. Come on, it could be worse! You could be dead. Crack a smile.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Valentine's day
Is about to pass through
And since I'll be single
On the Fourteenth of Feb
I'm not going to whine
And I won't be a Deb
Because I've decided
That V-day is def
For all types of love
Not just your b/f
So I'll buy my friends chocolates
And a rose for my Mom
A toy for my sister
A card for Uncle Tom
And last but not least
A mani-pedi for me
Cause I love me the most
On the day of the V :)

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