i finally got naked


I'm always getting excited about the little things in life. At last the wait is over! I don't normally get this excited about make-up (well OK sometimes I do). I have been on Urban Decay's wait list for this nifty little eyeshadow palette since mid-December. It was sold out online and in every store. I know Macy's in Cherry Hill had their own wait list. Two months later and it is in my posession! So what is all the hype about?

Well I don't know about everyone else, but I love it because it contains all of the neutrals that I wear (and I have been using it everyday). If I wear eyeshadow I usually stick with nudes, pinks, browns or golds and occasionally grays. And while Urban Decay makes some great palettes, most of them have a lot of high-pigmented shades that I'm not slappin on every day when I leave the house. All I ever wanted was a palette of neutrals. Here's an inside look:

I had to resort to purchasing those solo shades from Mac, Lorac, UD, etc., and I ended up with a ton of single shades floating around my room and my purse. Well I have no use for those guys anymore. I'll be taking this thing with me where ever I go.

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